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How to attribute conversions by email in drip campaign?

Question asked by Brian Clevesy on Aug 23, 2019

Hey there,


I am currently trying to attribute successful "conversions" to specific emails in an onboarding drip campaign. For context, we are an investment platform, so our onboarding drip campaign is targeted towards people who have created an account, but have not funded that account yet. Each link/CTA in each of the emails for this onboarding campaign is tagged with UTM parameters: source, medium, campaign, and creative (or which link)


For instance, we'll have: 



In setting this up, I was creating a triggered smart campaign that orders:

  • If "Clicked Link in Email" = Email XYZ
  • AND
  • If "Visited Web Page" = our success webpage URL after funding their account



  • Change Data Value = Latest UTM Source/Campaign/Medium, and update those fields in SF


Would that make sense? Is there a better way to do this?


Thank you!