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A/B testing Questions

Question asked by Ketki Sharma on Aug 21, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by Ketki Sharma

1. I am planning to setup an A/B test to test click rates by day of the week. So in that case Date/Time-based A/B test would be appropriate? I have a question from this page which is one of the final step of setting up the test - Schedule the A/B Test - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation .


It calls the two variations of experiment as test and winner. What is winner in this case (since we are still setting up the test, we don't have a winner). For example, we are currently sending our campaigns on Wednesday, but we have a hypothesis that Friday might be better. So we are planning to test wednesday vs friday. Which day would test and winner in this case?


2. It says on this page - Define the A/B Test Winner Criteria - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation that "Once the A/B test is over, Marketo can automatically send the winning email at the scheduled time, or you can review the results and decide which email goes out when." How do I stop marketo from sending the winner variation automatically? I do not want to send the winner variation to the rest of my recipient list (which did not take part in A/B test)?