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Recognizng the wrong email address on the unsubscribe landing page

Question asked by Lukasz Michna on Aug 21, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by Lukasz Michna

On our Unsubscribe landing page, we have a token of {{lead.Email Address}} in order to show which email the visiting person is registered with.


When I try to unsubscribe from a Marketo email I received to my company email address ( I am taken to the unsubscribe landing page. But the email that I am registered with (as displayed on the lp by the token) is my private email address ( Even though the email came to my company inbox and I clicked the link in that email, Marketo is still "seeing" me as my private email (


I believe this is why many of our customers are complaining that they have unsubscribed several times but still continue to receive emails.


Can you help me understand why the above is happening?