Amanda Thomas

Notes From Houston MUG August Meeting

Discussion created by Amanda Thomas Champion on Aug 22, 2019

This meeting we reviewed Velocity Scripting with Inga Romanoff and Sanford Whiteman. Sanford's blog is here and you can sign up to attend virtual office hours with Inga and Sandy here. The recording is attached and notes are below. 


Velocity Scripting

When to use it:

  • Micro-segmenting - when you need to use more than one segmentation to get more personalized with content Formatting - anything from all caps, dates, addition
  • Need access to data that is held by a custom object

How to Build it:

  • Think of all use cases for using velocity scripting to accomplish what you're trying to achieve
  • Think of all scenarios and what ifs around data that will be presented within the emails
  • Think of the customer experience, what's most relevant to them?
  • Use Sandy's blog to start building 

How to Test it:

  • Look into the details of qualified people and make sure the data is there
  • Preview By List
  • Create a set of test leads with known and validated data
  • Run a test campaign
    • ex. you can export the list (or a subset of the list) of qualified people with all columns and enter variations of you email address in place of the email address that exists upload that list of people and run a test smart campaign


  • Data - be sure that the data is up to date and accurate; know when the data gets updated
  • Smart List - if the email is using time sensitive data be sure to double check the smart list criteria close to the send time
  • Try using JSON field in place of a custom object