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Revamping Lead Lifecycle Program - Edit existing or create a new one?

Question asked by Leticia DoPrado on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by Josh Pickles



We have evaluated our lead lifecycle model and the programs that run it, and have decided we need to make some changes --add certain lifecycle statuses, delete others, etc. Mostly, we will be condensing the current model.


Do you guys suggest editing the current program that runs the model (cloning it and making the changes and then turning the new one on and archiving the old one) or creating a new program?


Also, regarding the RCM (the visual model that lives under Analytics), is that actually connected to the program that runs the model? Or is it just a visual representation of what the model is and isn't actually connected to it? I'm not sure if I make changes to it, if it will affect or disconnect from the program that runs the model?