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Client End-User Management in Marketo

Question asked by Lindsay Garland on Aug 20, 2019

Hi all! Wondering if/how other teams manage product communication to end-users?


For example, client marketing has equested we send out a product update notification to 1700 end users who are not currently in our database and are not attached to Salesforce accounts. The only information we have about most of these individuals (all but 175) is the email address they use to log in to our software. It isn't a marketing email and will impact the customer experience, so we need to get the information to the end user, but feel like Marketo might not be the best solution long term.


Interested to see how others manage this type of communication. If it is within Marketo, how do you prevent database bloat and incomplete, dirty data? We're actively trying to clean up our database and purge thousands of old records from programs like this and years of list buys, but struggling on how to best manage things like this. Any advice is appreciated! 


Thanks everyone!