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Fields overwritten with [null] by SFDC Sync

Question asked by Bishoy Riad on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by Lauren Hawes

Hi Marketo Nation,


We found that sometimes, certain fields are being overwritten with "[null]" at the exact same time. There are no Salesforce automations that would clear them. There is also no consistent timing for this to occur.


I created a Smart List and found a few patterns:


1. All affected records are overwritten via Sync by SFDC, either referencing a Lead ID or Contact ID depending on the record type.

2. All affected records have a "Company" value ("Account Name" value in SFDC).

3. Among the Lead type records that are affected, they are only bookings imported from a legacy system. While they obviously do not have an Account associated, they do have a "Company" value populated.


Here's an example of how the Activity Log looks (this record includes all 5 fields that are affected):



The individual Activity Details for one of the logged events looks like this:



The Marketo Integration User has full edit level permissions for 4 of the 5 fields on the Lead and Opp objects, and read permissions for the same 4 fields on the Contact object.


Thanks for assisting!