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B2B Personal Email Reach Out with Nurture Flow

Question asked by Mitangi Parekh on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hey friends,


So our team wants to initiate each nurture flow with an email that looks like a personal reach out to all qualifying prospects before potentially moving them to the traditional Marketo nurture flow. However, this is dependent wholly on whether or not the prospect replies back to the initial email. If they reply to book a call, we don't add them to a nurture flow. If they don't reply, we reach out one more time before adding them to the nurture flow. 


1. Initial "cold email" personal outreach to lead

      1a. If lead replies back to 1st email --> we book a call and our sales team takes over 

      1b. If lead ignores 1st email --> 2nd personal email outreach

      1c. If lead replies back to 2nd email --> sales team takes over

2. If lead ignores the 2nd email, lead is automatically added to Top of Stream of nurture flow


HOWEVER -- we are having trouble tracking the 'Reply Back' feature. Is there any way to track who replied back and automate that step? Or are we forced to do it manually? 


Please advise. Thank you!