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Discussion created by Graham Porter on Aug 14, 2019


Hi all, 

A quick shout-out to ANYONE looking to Engage with the Engagers ... 

To EVERYONE: Clients / Marketo Tech Partners / Marketo Services Partners / Consultants / Marketo Wealthy investors or A.N.Other!!

I, Jasmine, Veronica and others would LOVE to hear from you on the following:  

  • Content [presentations] – put any topic/content forward to this Community page. We will put your proposals forward to the committee [me, Jasmine and Veronica at present] for approval 
  • We are looking for a Room [central Melbourne venue for up to 70 people] - I think we have the next one sorted out [Dec '19] and but let me know if you'd like to help us with a venue.  Needs 70-ish seats 
  • Giveaways / gifts of Marketo-related value  Note that some attendees will not be allowed to take them – but please approach Graham  if you’re keen 
  • Sponsors [money] this is how we got the first two MUG sessions going & paid for. Cloudwords + Meltwater [supplemented by RMS] got the MUG going completely independent of Marketo - we are a User/Partner supported venture. To sponsor: $5,000 +gst gets naming rights in the invites/landing pages + a 3 mins speech/address to the audience at a time of your choosing [session beginning/middle or end] + ability to deliver an excellent CTA, and a chair drop. [Note: we cannot pass on attendee details pre or post session, so your CTA needs to be good !


Interested in any of this?  Send Graham your submission

Please note that the MUG Leaders are bound by a Marketo Charter of rules - which are all there to keep the community fun, healthy and professional.  We apply these rules where we need to for the benefit of the community as a whole. We recognise the importance of diversity and variety and want to ensure that anyone with experiences to share for the good of the community will get a voice !! 
As a guide: we wont accept thinly veiled sales pitches, boring presentations or indeed repetitive ones - so apologies up front if you're just trying to sell to the audience, bore us all or if you havent seen previous sessions !