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Update/Append Contact's Email Address from Marketo Form after creation from REST API.

Question asked by Jeremy Caverly on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Flow of process as we've configured it:

  1. Lead/Contact comes to our website and submits a Mobile Phone Number [9091234567] in our web app
  2. We push that Mobile Phone Number & a Hash of it to a CreateOrUpdate API call for those two Fields in Marketo db [We follow with a Custom Activity API push for the action they just took on the web app into that same Record/LeadID]
  3. Contact is then redirected to a Marketo Landing Page with Marketo Form and asked for F_Name, L_Name and Email Address [Mobile Phone Number & Hash are included in URL Query String and captured on hidden Form Fields]
  4. Contact submits that Marketo Form and is shown a "Thank You" Marketo Landing Page


As I suspected, the Form submission is creating a new Contact Record because that is first time Marketo is getting an Email Address. We'd like this Form submission to Append/Update the same record we created on the API call in Steps #1 & #2 above.


Two solutions I was hoping to possibly work and looking for any guidance here:


  1. When Contact submits Mobile Phone Number in step #1 we also do a JavaScript Identify Lead push with a placeholder Email Address like 9091234567@email.invalid and then send them to the Marketo Landing Page, now with an identified Marketo cookie from the Identify js call.
    • If we did this, turned off "Auto Fill" on the Marketo Form for Email Address Field, would the Contact be able to "Update"/Change their own Email Address from 9091234567@email.invalid  to upon submitting the Form?
  2. We simply keep creating these "Duplicate" records and run a constant Smart Campaign in the background that de-dupes based on the Mobile Phone Number and/or the Hash we're capturing?
    • I don't even know if De-Duping can work in background like that or would we be manually having to do these from the Duplicates "report" that Marketo generates? Maybe Sanford Whiteman has a cool tool that might work in that regard.