Tom Kerlin

Looking for a Tool that's Similar to Bizible or rampmetrics

Discussion created by Tom Kerlin on Aug 12, 2019
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Our team is looking for a third-party integrator that will help us with reporting and analytics. We also would like something that accurately and succinctly displays this data in the form of a dashboard. It appears that tools like Bizible or rampmetrics would be best at meeting our needs since we'd like to have the following:


  • Conversion tracking
  • ROI broken down by channel (for revenue planning and forecasting)
  • Improved multi-touch attribution
  • Full funnel insights
  • Presentation-ready analytics (This is important at the executive level as well)


If anyone is using Bizible or rampmetrics please let me know what your opinion is on these products (ease-of-use, price, reporting functionality, etc.).


If there is another tool I should look into please feel free to share.