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Editing a Marketo Email Template

Question asked by Jake Kalinoski on Aug 8, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by Jake Kalinoski

Hi there,


I am using the marketo newsletter template 'Flatiron' and am running into issues that seem to be with the coding. In the template, there are 3 sections that have an image on the left and text on the right. What's happening is that my own copy is more than the placement copy so the section gets a lot longer. The real though issue is that the image stays aligned with the header of the paragraph to its right instead of staying vertically centered in the section itself which is what I would like it to do. 


 I have very little knowledge or experience with coding so I have been unsuccessful in figuring out the issue even with the help of google. I'm hoping someone in the community can help me solve this ASAP.


For an example:


This is what's happening. The left image is aligning with the right side header instead of aligning in the center of the section.