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Effects of removing and adding same email content step back into an Engagement Program stream

Question asked by Jacob Pearson on Aug 11, 2019

I wanted to see if anyone in the community could confirm something that is implied but not clear in the product docs and community posts I've read. 


The situation is this: If a person receives an email via a plain email content step in an engagement program stream, THEN that email content is removed from the stream and subsequently added back into the same Engagement Program stream. 


Assuming the person is still a member of that engagement program, with a normal cadence, would they receive the same email again at next cast time? I've seen multiple articles saying an EP will never send a person the same email twice, even across streams. However, I also saw in the Marketo product docs that removing content from a stream also removes some activity history. 


Thus I just want to be quite sure that, so long as we're reinserting the exact same email (same email ID) that they've received before in that engagement program, that there won't be any duplication. 


Thanks to anyone who can help!