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system date token "invalid" in flow

Question asked by 57284d2c3db8e861bfe4f6f8c99936b3822d7eec on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by 38d70710347ebe31e7e806d361d00d538c712996

     I'm trying to use the system date token in a Change Data Value flow.  The marketing campaign is triggered by the open of an email. We'd like Marketo to record the date in which the person FIRST opened ANY email.  We use the field "Opt In Date" to measure this. 

Smart list Trigger: Opened email = Any

Flow Change data value:  If "Opt in date = empty"  "Opt in date = {{}}"

     I have this set up already in an activated marketing campaign and this rule keeps getting ignored because the token is invalid.