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Facebook Lead Gen Ads - Issue with lead counts not matching

Question asked by Tegan Smith on Aug 7, 2019

Hi everyone,


We are seeing an issue with our Facebook Lead Gen ads where the number of leads that I see in Facebook is not matching the number of leads in Marketo. When comparing the two lists, I noticed that there are 4 people in Marketo that came in from that specific lead gen ad but are not in the list that Facebook generates. Likewise, there are 6 people that are on Facebook's list but are not anywhere in Marketo? This ad ended several weeks ago so I know its not an issue of the integration running slowly etc. I dug a little deeper into the people that I can see in Marketo (but aren't in Facebook's list) and they do fit the audience that we are targeting for this specific ad. I can even see in their activity history where the new person was created by Web Service API via Facebook Lead Gen Ads through the specific form name (FT20_PC1087) but again, this person is no where to be found in Facebook's list. 


I was wondering if anyone had ever encountered this? I did submit a ticket to Support but was just told to contact Facebook. 


Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful!