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Must-ask interview questions for a junior Marketo specialist

Question asked by Huihsing Kiang on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by Huihsing Kiang

Hi all,

I'm preparing interview questions for a phone screening. My team is hiring a Marketo specialist. This position is opened to new college graduates or those may have 0-2 years of marketing automation/email marketing experience. Here are what I'm trying to find out during the phone interviews.


- If he/she is a quick learner and trainable

- If he/she will be passionate about Marketo or Marketing technology

- If he/she is detail-oriented 

- If he/she is a strong problem solver

- If he/she holds a high standard to his/her work


Can you please advise what will be good questions to ask?  Thanks in advance.


Also, if you know anyone who may be a good fit. Feel free to forward the link and encourage them to apply. This opening is in San Jose, CA.