Mackenzie Warren

SDR Org Structure - Thoughts & Feedback Welcome

Discussion created by Mackenzie Warren on Aug 7, 2019

Hi everyone! My company is thinking about restructuring our SDR organization to split it into two teams: MRRs that field inbound demo requests and SDRs that outbound to target accounts that they own. 


There was some good discussion around this at one of the NYMUGs earlier this year, and I'd love to connect with anyone who has experience with an MRR/SDR structure. 


My questions are mainly around managing the process of who fields which requests. So for example, 

where do you draw the line when an inbound comes in for an account owned by an SDR? If the SDR had been in touch with that person or someone from that account within the past two weeks, does it go to them to work? If there's been no contact for longer than two weeks it goes to an MRR? Is a specific timeframe the right way to draw the line or should it be based entirely on account ownership?


And more broadly what other challenges have you faced with a structure like that and how did you solve for them?


Any and all ideas are welcome!