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How do I create a lead generation cadence without using a nurture campaign?

Question asked by Breanna Mack on Aug 7, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by Breanna Mack

Hello to my seasoned Marketo users! I'm a newbie to Marketo and I work for a startup company that's testing new ventures of outbound outreach.


Currently, we have a partnership with an SDR agency that manages all touchpoints with our contacts up until a meeting is scheduled with our in-house SDRs. We'd like to test bringing the first touch attribution in-house and have the outsourced SDR agency manage the remaining touch attributions up until a meeting has been scheduled with our in-house SDR. I want to point out, not all of our contacts will be an MQL or SQL so we'd want to remove them from our Marketo database to stay within our compliance, however, they will be synced to SFDC so we will still have records.


Now to the point of my post, what is the best way to send emails to these contacts each week without putting them into a nurture campaign and without having to create a new email campaign each week (note: new contacts will be added each week and any contacts from the previous week that did not engage with the email will still be in the cadence stream)? Also, we are not planning to change the content or design of this email since the structure of this campaign is to remove a contact from the stream the moment they've viewed the email. 


Looking forward to your thoughts and perspectives on this!