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Can an Entire Form Be Used in Progressive Profiling and What Would Prospects See After Filling It All Out?

Question asked by Dylan Rodgers on Aug 6, 2019
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Hi all,


I have looked all over the community before asking this, so forgive me if I overlooked the answer.



If all form fields are included in the progressive profiling section, what would a contact see on a gated landing page after having filled out all the available fields prior to visiting the page? (I can't get progressive profiling to work whether all fields are included or not. See below).



I am looking to improve user experience by eliminating the form (or auto-filling it if that's possible these days), so I've placed all the fields in the progressive profiling section of the form. I realize that this is not necessarily an intended use, but I wanted to see if it would either remove the fields or prefill them after someone had filled them all out previously.


One issue is that I have so far been unable to get the form to progress and show fields it hadn't previously after having filled out the form a few times. I've tried this both in Chrome and Safari with some fields left out of the progressive profiling as well, so I don't know if this is user error or something else. It doesn't seem to playing off of my known credentials.


Side Note: I realize I can show HTML in place of the form if the contact is already known, but I don't know of a way to include the hidden field within that, which is critical to routing and tracking as we have it set up. Is there a way to do this?


Any help with this would be amazing. Thank you.


Test page:…