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SyncLeads sometimes doesn't send back LeadId

Question asked by Yann Lair on Aug 4, 2019
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We are using the REST api in our instance to sync lead with their munchkin ID. We have a problem with the "SyncLeads" endpoint. When we are creating leads, for unknown reason, the request comes back "Successful" but the leadId for that user has no value, which causes us problems because we deal with that situation as an error when actually the lead is still being created in the background! Now when we tried to update that lead based on the mail for other purposes, the same email comes back duplcated:  One with the munchkin id and one with without. 


So I actually have 2 questions regarding this situation:

- Why does syncLeads doesn't give us back the lead id everytime, even while it seems to be creating it? I expect an API call such as this one to be idempotent. 

-  How can we avoid to have duplicates with the same email?