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Velocity - Sort an arraylist by highest value

Question asked by Adam Mokrzecki on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi, I've set up a velocity script to sort a currency field of a custom object. It works as it should in most cases, however if a there is a lead that has a record with "0" as the value in that field then the script will fail (nothing will display in the email).


Here is slimmed down version of the code I was using which just pulls in (or doesn't) the field values:

#if( $engagementMilestoneDetail_cList && $engagementMilestoneDetail_cList.size() > 0 )
#set( $engagementInitialValue = $number.format("0", ${engagementMilestoneDetail_c.engagementInitialValue}) )
#foreach( $opportunity in $sorter.sort($engagementMilestoneDetail_cList, "engagementInitialValue:desc") )
#set($ivFormat = $opportunity.engagementInitialValue )

I added the first three lines thinking it might be something with the format of the values, but that didn't help. 


Next, looked at the code below, I tried to add the data to a collection (or arraylist), but used the if statement to skip the records with the value "0". This worked! however, I'm unable to sort the arraylist in descending order so that the record with the highest Initial Value displays first. 

#set( $ivToOutput = [] )  
#foreach( $opportunity in $engagementMilestoneDetail_cList ) 
#set( $showIV = $number.format("0", ${opportunity.engagementInitialValue}) ) 
#set( $showBD = $opportunity.billingDate )

#if( $showIV == "$0" )
#set( $showable = { 
  "InitialValue" : $showIV, 
  "BillingDate" : $showBD 
#set( $tmp = $ivToOutput.add($showable) ) 

#foreach( $showable in $ivToOutput ) 
IV: ${showable.InitialValue}<br> 
BD: ${showable.BillingDate}<br> 



I think I read (or skimmed) every velocity post on the community board and I'm sure the answer lies somewhere with a  combination of some of those posts, but I don't do this type of coding often and everything is starting to meld together. Any help would be much appreciated!!


Thank you!!