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Track visits and links on the thank you pages to score and send autoresponder emails.

Discussion created by Prithvi kumar on Aug 1, 2019

Hi All


Let me write down my question much clearly, I am trying to do the following setup:


  • Scoring the leads who clicked on the link (to download a PDF, Doc or excel, etc) on thank-you pages. (Multiple scoring as Lead might click through multiple pages)
  • Also, every lead who clicks on that link need to be synced to SFDC
  • After the lead has made a click on the page, an autoresponder email needs to be sent with the asset URL and other required URLs.



  • I am unable to track both visits and clicks the link on a webpage. (Thank you page)
  • Need to set this set up at a global level & program/campaign level. (Suggestions required for this as well)





 behavior scoring clicked link activity