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Anyone else get MAJOR delays on Wistia video sync to Marketo?

Question asked by Shelly Wilson on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2019 by Jonah Silberg

Hi there. I ran a webinar on Tuesday and afterwards uploaded the video to Wistia and embedded it in our Wordpress. All working fine as normal. Today, Thursday, I'm trying to get the follow up email with the link to video out to attendees.


I've amended code in that email to include Wistia email embed so it'll track which leads watched video. Working fine.


But I also want to set up an ALERT for our sales team to notify them of any leads who watch 50% of more of the video. And when I create the campaign, add the 'Visits Web Page' trigger, and open the drop menu...the webinar video does not appear in the list of available Wistia videos to choose from. I've checked Launchpoint and the integration is still active there. 


Last time I ran in to this, I raised a query with Wistia because it had been 4 days and the video I needed wasn't visible in list. But before they came back with a solution it finally synced on 5th day. 


Anyone else had/have same problem and found a solution? That's WAY too long to wait for data to sync across