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Initial SFDC Marketo Sync - Unmapped Custom Fields

Question asked by Andrew Cutting on Jul 31, 2019

Hi - I'm setting up our new instance of Marketo, and about to run the sync, but there are a ton of fields (hundreds) that are showing up in the "Unmapped Custom Fields" section. When i turn run the Marketo sync (I have not done this yet), am I correct in assuming that none of the fields in these sections, even though there is a SF field associated to it, will be a part of the ongoing sync? Screenshot attached of what I'm seeing on these custom fields.


If my assumption is correct, how do I make these fields a part of the sync?


Additionally in both the Field Management section and Unmapped Custom Fields section, there are fields appearing that were not supposed to be visible to the CRM user. I confirmed that these are not visible in SF, yet they're still appearing in the list.