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    Contacts the qualify for Multiple Nurture Streams


      What marketing activities should be run independent of nurture, are there exceptions for people in multiple nurture streams?
                What is the best way to create different levels of scoring?

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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Madison, these are all questions that should be asked internally.
          •           What are the chances that you want someone to be able to qualify for multiple engagement programs at a single time? (A person can only be in one nurture stream within an engagement program at a time.) Be aware that depending how your programs are set up, this could mean that someone would receive overlapping content which is never ideal. Segmentation can be a great vehicle to ensure mutual exclusivity of engagement programs.
          •           How do you want scoring to be handled? (Behaviorally, demographically, a combination of these, decaying over time, etc). There is only one lead score field in Marketo by default, so you need to set up additional fields and smart campaigns to ensure that these fields are calculated and updated in the way that you decide as an organization.
          Usually things that are more one-off events/downloads/etc. that we want everyone to be invited to at the same time will be run independently of nurture.