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Global lead gen forms - redirect to different URL upon submit

Question asked by Carly Stevens on Jul 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

We're looking to move away from localised forms towards global forms to enable progressive profiling, make it easier to update everything in one place, and quickly.


Struggling with this though - so we'll have one form for all lead gen initiatives. We currently embed our forms on WordPress pages (we actually add to a Marketo LP and use that URL within WordPress to embed). We currently handle the thank you/re-direct upon form submission within the form itself, because we create a new form per new initiative.


Given that we'll now be using the same form across multiple WordPress LP's - how can we manage the thank you page redirect moving forward for every different initiative? Our thank you pages are created in WordPress too - in most cases this is actually just a redirect to a PDF report, whitepaper, etc.


I need a way that's scalable, and easy to follow for people with basic Marketo understanding. Ideally though, I want this to be managed centrally to minimise chances of errors. Is there something I can apply to the global forms which will enable redirect to a specified place based on the LP it sits in, or something similar?