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add and remove/pause leads in an engagement stream

Question asked by 793a10c060141d1cae728ec6904fbc3654da27c5 on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2014 by 793a10c060141d1cae728ec6904fbc3654da27c5
Can I "pause" a lead in stream A so that the lead isn't receiving any content anymore for Stream A but at the same time I might want to add the lead to Stream D while keeping all the metrics?
The lead does not move through the streams. But can enter one of the 7 streams individually depending on the KO criteria. Therefore, transition rules are not applied in this case but rather smart campaigns to add and remove leads from a stream.
The issue with “Pausing the Cadence” is that it is paused for the entire engagement campaign and not only for the stream (as would be needed). So when I pause the Cadence for a lead in stream A, this lead does also not receive any content anymore in Stream D or even worse what I have seen, because the lead is paused there is no activity for the lead anymore at all, i.e. the lead cannot even be added to Stream D if it was paused in stream A