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I am having issues setting up Marketo Sales Insights

Question asked by Kevin Bonder on Jul 25, 2019

Hey all,


I am having issues integrating Marketo Sales Insights into Salesforce. I am attempting to install this within a sandbox environment, not our live instance. I've scoured the discussion boards for documentation (which I followed for our Enterprise Salesforce instance) and troubleshooting documentation.


The Issue: Upon installing the MSI package following the Salesforce Enterprise installation options, I am getting the following error after configuring all of the page layouts (Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity): 


Required fields are not configured in Salesforce.

  • Priority (Lead)
  • Relative Score (Lead)
  • Relative Urgency (Lead)
  • Priority (Contact)
  • Relative Score (Contact)
  • Relative Urgency (Contact)


What the problem is: So this doesn't seem to be an issue that is out of the ordinary, as a lot of the troubleshooting documentation has solutions for this seemingly simple issue. Only problem? All of those fields are already configured within the Marketo Sales Insights page layouts. 


Attempted Solutions: I've uninstalled and re-installed, changed security options on fields, ensure the Marketo sync user has admin rights for setup, ensure the setup user has admin rights, the list goes on. 


If anyone has ideas, I am all ears.


If the solution would be to install into the live instance versus dev sandbox, I'll give that a shot but I would rather be able to install, test, and optimize prior to pushing live.