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Is there a way in Marketo to select only particular values from SFDC picklist fields?

Question asked by Diana Jakubaityte on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hey, is there a way in Marketo to select/filter out leads with only particular values from SFDC pick-list field?


Let's say, I sell vegetables and fruit, in a Product Entity field in SFDC my targeted record has this field populated with: potatoes, apples, pears and cucumber:



In Marketo, I want to target only those that has potatoes and apples interest identified:



I do have dummy leads created with different variation or the pick-list values in SFDC. However, I noticed that marketo does not trigger the values from the SFDC pick-list field.


***I used fruit as an example values, I tested this with my actual Product Entity field pick-list values***


Do you know if there is a way around it?


Many Thanks,