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Using Custom Salesforce UI to Drive Lifecycle Stages

Question asked by Sean Richards on Jul 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by Sean Richards

I read somewhere in a thread that some people were using Salesforce UI (e.g. buttons and apex) to drive their lead lifecycle progression via the user experience, as opposed to relying on field values being changed by reps.


Can any one who has had any experience implementing this kind of thing let me know?


I am keen to know more about which steps, which UI's, which UI elements, if you used buttons/apex, or some other solution to achieve this.


Mainly this is to help us "control" the flow allowable for end users to use, to move people down the lifecycle stages.


We don't want to allow a SAL to go back to MQL, etc.


Please weigh in if you know what I am talking about. 


I thought that maybe you (Grégoire Michel ) were the one who mentioned this somewhere? Or maybe it was you Justin Norris?


We're about to refactor our lifecycle and I am considering that this would be a great way to "protect" the success path and detours.


Thank you all in advance.