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Extract PathFactory "Visits Webpage" Query Parameters

Question asked by Sean Day on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

We've been increasingly using PathFactory as a way to surface "non-gated" resources to our customer base. So far it has been great for customers since we don't post the assets anywhere besides on internal customer communities or though email were we're able to associate everyone back to an email click or direct response campaign.


Since we've seen success with our customer audience our demand generation team has gained interest in the tool and wants to begin leveraging it as a prospecting tool through channels like paid and partner. 


Currently when someone visits a PathFactory page and reaches a threshold score (let's say views a PDF for 60 seconds), the PathFactory their integration makes a pushes an event to Marketo and records a "Visits Web Page" activity for the known individual. Because this is not a true "Visits Web Page" activity coming from our website and the activity comes through the API we're unable to add any JavaScript that we'd normally use to pull the query parameters out of the URL and write them to hidden form fields.


So my question for the community is: Is there a way to 1. parse the query parameter from an API-created visits web page event and 2. write the parsed query parameters to the fields we would normally write to when known people visit our website. 


Been looking for similar questions in the community but most solutions proposed are around posting a hidden form fill which would only work on our owned web properties where we can leverage some JavaScript.


Thanks in advance for the help!