Sreekanth Reddy

Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML) for marketing

Discussion created by Sreekanth Reddy Employee on Jul 17, 2019

Recently, I have been looking at a lot of AI/ML based tools or solutions for marketers. Market analysts like Gartner, say AI growth in sales and marketing is expected to grow into than a trillion $ industry by 2020. Currently, there are more than 20+ launchpoint partners of Marketo offering various services based on AI. There are so many interesting use cases these players bring in to marketing. 


There are so many use cases out there, here are some I found really interesting

  1. Predictive scoring
  2. Autonomous digital ads
  3. Sales & Marketing assistant
  4. Forecasting success metrics


An important point by one of the Marketo marketer says "These AI features provides intelligence based on our current data and in most cases the data in our databases are messy". 


This brings me to some important questions:

  1. How confident a marketer feel about these AI services?
  2. If you are already using any AI capabilities in any shape and form for their marketing activities and how confident are you with them that you would recommend to use them?
  3. Building these capabilities in-house will bring more confidence?
  4. What are those areas you think AI can really help you today?


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