Carlos Salas

Send User Data First Email To Another Email Address

Discussion created by Carlos Salas on Jul 16, 2019

Is there any way to create a smart campaign that populates a person's dynamic content within this email, but not send it out to that person. Instead send it out to a different email, by using smartlist triggers/flow steps and/or filters and maintain the first user's data within the email.


Basically, I want to populate user info below, using the tokens below.

But I want to send it out to another email address, but still, maintain the data of the first email above


Guest Name: {{lead.firstname}}{{leadlastname}}  = Sample First Name Sample Marketo Last Name 

Email Address: {{lead.EmailAddress}}   =


Is this even possible? I appreciate all the help and feedback.


marketoemail smart list triggers smart campaign flow Marketo token