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Marketo Rest API Deleting and Rearranging Fields Issues

Question asked by Matt Walcher on Jul 16, 2019

We are in the process of mass updating our forms with the Marketo REST API to replace an old field with a new field. Right now am I testing my script on a single test form until it's ready.


The script is almost complete, but I'm having 2 issues with the API:

  1. The API returns a success response when I try to update field positions in the form, but the fields have not been rearranged.
    Endpoint Reference:!/Form_Fields/updateFieldPositionsUsingPOST
  2. When I try to delete a field from the form I get this error message that seems to be referring to a different request and even the error code seems irrelevant because it is for an invalid date format:
    code: '704',
    message: 'Invalid form field rearrange request. Number of fields in the form don\'t match with the number of field keys passed in the request.'
    Endpoint Reference:!/Form_Fields/deleteFormFieldUsingPOST


I have successfully been able to make other API calls throughout this process like getting all fields for the form, adding a new field to the form and approving the form and I've attached my code for reference.


All help is appreciated, thank you!


**** Warner Lauren Lord