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Splitting data into two separate fields

Question asked by Sarah Way on Jul 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by Sarah Way

Is it possible to split up a field's data into two separate fields?


We are creating a survey and asking for a preferred phone number (work, home or cell). In our CRM, we keep separate fields for the area codes, so each phone type has two separate fields (work area code, work phone number; home area code, home phone number; cell area code, cell phone number). 


We have found in the past that, for some reason, people get very confused when we list the two fields (area code and phone number) separately.


Is it possible to only add the phone number field (work, home or cell), and then split it into the two fields via Smart Campaign? Since the field would have 10 characters every time (3 for area code and 7 for phone number), is it possible to create a Smart Campaign that would take the first 3 characters and populate the area code field, and the last 7 characters and correctly populate the phone number field?


Thanks in advance!