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Date based content in engagement (drip) programs?

Question asked by Ludvig Brandt on Jul 8, 2019
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We are currently running a couple of engagement programs for leads as well as existing customers with logic based on their profile (type of customer, time as customer etc). Quite often, my marketing team wants to send date/season related emails such as

  • Black Friday offers
  • Xmas specials
  • Summer campaigns
  • Etc...

The list is quite long, and by doing all of these manually as email blasts, it

  • messes up the marcom flow for the recipients/members of the engagement programs (i.e. they either get flooded with emails, or they miss out on content)
  • A lot of manual work is put into the marcom even though it should be "automated"


How have you solved this/how do you work with email comms related to dates or seasons?

Any tips and tricks are appreciated!