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Ensuring Database Integrity

Question asked by Michael O'Donnell on Jul 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by James T Fletcher

Ok, I have a scenario I require help to resolve. Our CRM isn't synced.


We have a weekly email which we send to all business contacts - coordinators.

On a weekly basis we will have to pull data from CRM and import to Marketo.


This is all fine, where we run into trouble is ensuring that if a co-ordinator changes, we need some way of identifying this and removing from database so they don't receve the next weeks communication.



Week 1 we import 1000 different coordinator contacts, business X coordinator is

Week 2 we import our contacts again however business X coordinator is now 


I need a way to identify that the coordinator has changed so I can prevent getting it if the actual coordinator is now 


I would then take all those who have changed on a weekly basis and create a smart list  rule to remove them from database or unsubscribe them.


Is there a pain free way of identifying all those contacts who change from one week to next?