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Do Salesforce custom object filters "call" back to SF to query records?

Question asked by Meghan Souza on Jul 3, 2019
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Hi all,


We recently refreshed our schema and synced over some custom objects from Salesforce. The trouble we're having is when using the related filters to these newly synced objects to check for data held in Salesforce, some object smartlists come up empty and some don't. The question is - when using smartlists to pull SF custom object data - is the filter ONLY pulling from the activity log (thus historical data in SF will not appear as it wasn't synced prior to update the lead activity log in Marketo prior), or is there some "call" made back to the SF record to check for that object? 


It looks like both to us since some lists are populating data not held in the Marketo activity log - and some are not. So we aren't sure if there is something else holding back the call from being able to see this historical data for some objects or if it really is only querying Marketo activity log from sync moving forward.