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Not Opened Email filter

Question asked by Lukasz Michna on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by Matjaž Jaušovec



I would like to know whether the "Not Opened Email" filter already assumes that the person was sent that email, or do I need to add that filter (i.e. have both filters "Was Sent Email" and "Not Opened Email").


For example, if I have a smart list: 

1. "Member of Engagement Program" is true


2. "Not opened email" is "Email 5"

(there are 10 emails in this engagement program)



Is this only going to give me the list of people who were sent but didn't open Email 5?


Or is it going to give me a list of all people who didn't open email 5 including those who were not yet sent this email?