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    Body of email test in nurture streams

    Kim Allen

      We're thinking about testing our copy on submit buttons in some of our nurture emails. My question is - if I create a new email to test against it (changing the button), will the engagement program be smart enough to pick up that this is a test and not send the content again to someone who maybe already got the previous champion email?

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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hey Kim, not answering your intial question, but do you do this as Programs in the EP, or as individual emails? I might be the only person who was previously unaware of this limitation, but just learned yesterday that champion/challenger tests can't be run in any batch campaigns, which includes programs that you put into EP streams.

          As for your question, I would really, really, really hope that if it's a single email with a new champion/challenger test attached to it, then the EP would be smart enough to not send to someone who had already received the previous champion.
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            Kim Allen
            Yep, I just have single emails in there! Sorry, that's a pain :/

            So it is smart enough then?! Have I mentioned EP > Traffic Cop times 1000000 & that Cheryl rocks?! Thanks, Dory!