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    Does Marketo Form 2.0 support IE7?

      Unable to submit the 2.0 forms in IE7. The forms are embedded on our site Rapid7.com
      Appreciate some insight into the same.

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          It supports for end-users filling out forms and accessing landing pages.

          IE7 is no longer supported to use the Marketo application - marketers and designers. 
          Microsoft ceased all support and development for IE7.
          There are too many outdated and missing browser features to run Marketo.
          That would quickly emerge using Forms 2.0.

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            Hi Breno,

            Can you please clarify the following...
            1.           Marketo forms work if they are on a landing page of marketo(even in IE7)?
            2.           Do they work(in IE7) if we embed the form on our site using Marketo Form 2.0 (its not working on our site)
            3.           What all features(of Marketo Forms 2.0) are supported/not supported in IE7 browser