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clicks link trigger but needing to suppress specific and separate links and emails

Question asked by Glenda Georgoulis on Jun 26, 2019

I have a SF task notification campaign for clicks in emails. The trigger is

clicks link in email

   email is any

   link not contains unsubscribe


I need to suppress the unsubscribe link in all emails plus I have a few emails where I don't want the notification to go out for any link on those emails.


if I add the email to the trigger isn't it the unsub link in that email? 

I tried to put another filter for that email but it suppresses the people who clicked that email (history), not the click that's in the trigger.  I've looked into a second trigger but they would qualify for the other and still go through. 

I'm assuming in the remove from flow, the clicked link in email is for history and not the link from the trigger and anyone who ever clicked that email would be removed even though they clicked a link in a new email.


I then tried a second campaign with that suppress email as a trigger and to remove them from the primary campaign. The people ran through both but the task still went out.