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    Munchkin Issues with Jive Website

    Ben Brooks
      Hello. We have just set up a new community site using Jive. We implemented Munchkin on the site using Google Tag Manager and the async version of the code.

      However, in IE (version 10) we were getting the error "munchkin is not defined". I re-implemented the code using the async jQuery version which seemed to solve the issue. However, that ended up breaking much of Jive's functionality.

      Has anyone had any issues implementing Munchkin in a Jive-based Website?

      Ben Brooks
        • Re: Munchkin Issues with Jive Website

          I can recommend changing over to the beta version of munchkin for pages with compatibility problems since. Just change the URL from

          in whichever embed code you are using. I would recommend using the async or async jquery version.