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    using programs in engagement programs - make sure lead receives email each week

      We use programs in our engagement programs and are noticing that some customers are not receiving emails for weeks and months at a time.  The way the product works today, if a lead doesn't qualify for the program, it does not move on to the next program, it just doesn't get anything at all during that cast.  

      Why why use programs - we a/b test all of our emails and are not using the email program.  So one, we are checking to see if someone has received any of the emails variations previously.  We also make sure they haven't recieved any similar emails in a previous blast.  If they received a version of the email previously, they won't receive any emails that week.  

      We also check to make sure that the email isn't irrelevant.  Like if they are already certified, we won't send them an email about getting certified.  There are also a lot of other situations like this where we need to use programs in nurture (if they already installed the Optimizely snippet, don't send an email asking them to install the snippet).  

      Lastly, we think this issue is being multiplied because much of the content in Stream A is the same in Stream B.  In our instance, streams are defined by customer status of red, yellow & green where customers can switch streams regularly.

      Question 1- if they have already run through a program in Stream A before, will they skip that program in Stream B?  Or will they go through the program and get stuck?

      Question 2 - What is a creative way that we can make sure that someone receives an email every week when they don't qualify for the program?  My one idea was to have the nurture run the same number of times that there are emails in the stream for the day of the send and then put communication limits in place so that they only receive 1 email a day. Will that work in this scenario?  Any other ideas?