James Sudworth

Tracking Pages for Multiple Sites in GA

Discussion created by James Sudworth on Jun 21, 2019

Hi guys, 

I need help correctly tracking Marketo Landing pages in Google Analytics. We have 3 sites:


UK: https://www.DOMAIN.com

US: https://www.DOMAIN.com/en-US

NL: https://www.DOMAIN.com/nl


In GA we report on these as one GA property with different Views for each site. 


All our Marketo landing pages are hosted on https://pages.DOMAIN.com/URL for all 3 sites, and have the same GA property applied. Currently all Marketo activity is showing in the UK view though, as I am not apply to use the folder structure in US & NL Marketo page URLs to correctly apply the Views. 


Does anyone have a way around this?