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How would you setup Smart Campaign for all Canceled Accounts BUT not in past 30 days?

Question asked by Ronn Burner on Jun 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by Ronn Burner

This Company has never sent marketing to former clients or implemented any sort of re-engagement campaigns for 20 years. I'm building a Nurture Program to do so.


My Goal is for all Canceled Accounts to enter Stream 1 so long as and/or after 30 days have passed since they Canceled. This is only a one-time issue because once this initial batch is in motion the conditions are set up as such so they won't re-enter the Program for another 30 days.


Entry conditions to enter Stream 1 is basically these groups but I may be over complicating it.


1. (Batch) Canceled Accounts on or Before 30 Days Ago
2. (Batch) Canceled Accounts in the Past 30 Days
3. (Trigger) Data Value Changes: Account Status value become 'Canceled'. A 30 day wait in the Flow step. This one is easy.


The smart campaign batch is tricky because Account Status = Canceled provides the total of Canceled Accounts which will include all of those within the past 30 days. I should also note that it is not as easy as using "Data Value Changed" filter as our custom CRM indicates 28,958 Canceled Accounts but only 2000 as a results of "Data Value Changed" so that data is not usable for this.


What is the best way to set this up?


I feel like this can be done any number of ways such as Nested Program, Add to List (Exclusion), Member of Smart Campaign (Not in) just off the top of my head.