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Associating Google Ads Campaign Data with Anonymous Traffic

Question asked by Jeff Barfield on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by Jay Jiang

Hi Everyone,


I've been searching for days and have not been able to find an answer to this question. I'm new to Marketo so at the moment I'm just chalking this up to a lack of understanding rather than a platform limitation.


Our business relies heavily on display advertising to fill the top of our funnel and customers generally require between 8-12 touch points before we capture a lead. Once they do convert, understanding what display ads the lead was exposed to and what ad ultimately led to conversion has a big impact on how the sales team engages the lead. 


We have a standardized URL tracking template for all display ads and I can see that the URL parameters are visible in the activity log but I'm not sure the best way to "Store" this data and "Present" it to sales. Ideally I would be able to provide the lead's contact information with something that looks like this:


  1. Anonymous Web Page Interaction One - Ad For Blue Shoes
  2. Anonymous Web Page Interaction Two - Ad For Red Hat
  3. Anonymous Web Page Interaction Three - Ad For Red Shoes
  4. Anonymous Web Page Interaction Four - Ad For Red Basketball Shoes
  5. Form Completion - User is John Smith,, (555)-555 - 5555


This way our sales team can see what display campaigns got interacted with and what campaign ultimately converted them. In this case we would engage on Red Shoes, and highlight our Basketball Shoe catalog. 


I'm open to pretty much any strategy here and would say Marketo knowledge is the biggest gap. I've got a team of developers and I can structure the Google Ads campaign to pass anything a URL parameter so any thoughts on how to achieve this would be amazing.