Manisha Kumra

Confused with nested nurture programs.

Discussion created by Manisha Kumra on Jun 14, 2019

Hi, I am Manisha. I will be giving Marketo expert-level certification next month. I have only basic-level hands-on experience on the tool.

I need help in understanding nested nurture programs. I understand how to create nurture programs but I face a few issues while creating nested nurture programs.


I have read these in my training slides but don't quite understand what it means.




Keep the following in mind when reprioritizing or adding content: ‒

For nested emails: the engagement program will not resend the email to an individual who already received that email in another program ‒

For nested programs: the decision to send an email to a person is based on the program membership and program ID



Secondly:- What happens when a lead has exhausted the content in stream 1 and has not transitioned to stream 2?


Thirdly: - What is the membership of engagement program and why is it so necessary?