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Survey Monkey integration - anyway to clear Marketo Survey data?

Question asked by Justin Morris on Jun 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by Justin Morris

We are trying to set up a very complex triggered program from a SurveyMonkey survey. There are about 18 different emails a respondent could receive after completing the survey based upon how they answered. I have all of this set up but then realized it's nearly impossible to test because my record will have all of the answers stored in my record history. This will set off multiple triggers and the goal is that a respondent would only receive one. I know there are some workarounds like adding an activity date to the filters and using multiple emails. But given how detailed these programs are, I was wondering if there is anyway to simply clear a record's SurveyMonkey data? This would allow us to test this much easier. Or are any other ideas that anyone has that I may not be thinking of? Thank you!