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    My.token in form follow up field?

      Hi, I've created landing pages that use My.Tokens for each program.   I am trying to have the form go to the correct landing page (thank you page) using a token, but the form settings> follow up field doesn't seem to accept tokens.  

      Is there a way to use a program token (or system tokens) or some other method to fill in the form > settings > follow up field?

      More details:
      I am using one form (content download form) for all content download landing pages. The content download landing pages are using my.tokens to populate the content for each one based on the program level my.tokens.
      What I want to do is assign a tokenized landing page to the content download form follow up step.
      Ideally I would select "Landing Page" and be able to enter a token that would say "go to the file called landing page for this program" without having to edit the landing page/form each time I clone a program.
      Or, I could select "External" URL and have use a my token called "my.LAnding Page URL" to assign the correct landing page.
      I've tried to do this, but Marketo gives me errors when I put a token into the follow up field.
      Or, there may be a way better way to do this... ?